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Standing Rock

It's back to school -- here are some suggested resources for teaching about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  1. Out of a teach-in held November 15, 2016 at UC Davis, we developed a collaborative map with Guerrilla Cartography, UC Davis graduate students and IRCA of the historic territory, later featured in:
    1. UC Berkeley: Mapping the Dakota Access Pipeline collection
    2. Capitol Public Radio: History of Davis Protests against DAPL
    3. and soon to be reproduced in Water: An Atlas, a crowdsourced atlas with over 80 maps that portray water trends, usage issues and global events, all created by volunteer cartographers from around the world. To donate to the Kickstarter campaign please click here.
      1. Feel free to download, reproduce, assign to classes, use on course slides, etc.
  2. Join our Facebook page for UC Davis and the Davis community to scroll back through key events as they unfolded on social media.
  3. If you are a Spanish speaker or have Spanish news files about Standing Rock, please contribute to this page to help convey what happened at Standing Rock to other indigenous leaders across the Americas who are fighting extractive projects.

Other Resources

A. Mni Wiconi: The Stand at Standing Rock

Mni Wiconi: The Stand at Standing Rock: a short documentary directed by Lucian Read, with Karim Hajj and Divided Films, with funding provided in part by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It is part of the America Divided series. A short article on the film is available from the Indian Country Today Media Network.

B. NYC Stands with Standing Rock Syllabus Project

NYC Stands with Standing Rock Syllabus Project: A source of articles and other resources for educators teaching about Standing Rock, or anyone who wants to learn more. “The different sections and articles place what is happening now in a broader historical, political, economic, and social context going back over 500 years to the first expeditions of Columbus, the founding of the United States on institutionalized slavery, private property, and dispossession, and the rise of global carbon supply and demand.”

Photo Credit: priceofoil.org

C. Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline: Native American Perspectives

Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline: Native American Perspectives:  The UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Library has compiled news and media resources, background information and readings, as well as information on other ongoing Indigenous and environmental causes. Links to relevant social media and organizations affiliated with Standing Rock have also been made available.

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