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Our Mission

Since its founding in 1991, the Indigenous Research Center of the Americas (IRCA) has served as a forum for sharing knowledge and reflections on indigenous cultures and the inherent decolonial struggles for higher levels of autonomy, sovereignty, and self-determination in Native nations across the hemisphere. Read More

Our Vision

In addition to the creation and circulation of new and existing tools, IRCA affiliates will assist in widening the network to include a greater range of native and non-native scholars, activists, artists, students, and others in partnerships allied with the IRCA mission. Read More

Make a Gift

In connecting scholarship with indigenous social movements, your donation to IRCA will help fund the computer and audio-visual equipment needed by communities to connect with online social networks, media, and with faculty and students at UC-Davis and beyond.  This might be an internet webcam that would allow a Q’eqchi’ Maya village in Guatemala to communicate via Skype with First Nation groups in Canada affected by the very same mining company to develop and share mutual resistance strategies.  It could support video recorders and editing software for transformative documentary work.  Or, it might pay for the everyday, but essential task of photocopying and scanning archival and other scholarly materials as part of a broader effort to share and repatriate research materials back to indigenous communities for resistance and cultural revitalization.  Every dollar you contribute will be matched by the time, energy, and intellect of NAS faculty, students, and community leaders.

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