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Our Mission

Since its founding in 1991, the Indigenous Research Center of the Americas (IRCA) has served as a forum for sharing knowledge and reflections on indigenous cultures and the inherent decolonial struggles for higher levels of autonomy, sovereignty, and self-determination in Native nations across the hemisphere. Read More

Our Vision

In addition to the creation and circulation of new and existing tools, IRCA affiliates will assist in widening the network to include a greater range of native and non-native scholars, activists, artists, students, and others in partnerships allied with the IRCA mission. Read More

Conference: “Discursive Practices” May 11-13, 2008


Dates: May 11th – 13th, 2008

The conference “Discursive Practices: The Formation of a Transnational Indigenous Poetics” brings together scholars and writers from México, U.S., Canada, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, that engage and/or produce indigenous literary creations. By making indigenous literature central to indigenous peoples concerns, the organizers hope to dispel the conventional idea that the indigenous experience needs mediation. The conference will provide a fertile continuation of dialogue for future scholarship in this area as well as a space for indigenous writers and intellectuals to know each other’s works. To a great degree, indigenous literary projects connect to social movements centered on cultural (re)vindication and human and cultural rights. And yet, the notion of “Writing Indians” continues to be perceived as an anomaly. The conference wants to facilitate the opportunity of dialogue between the indigenous writers of the Americas and re-establish their legitimate leadership as aesthetic creators of their own destiny.

For more information please visit the conference website.

Indigenous Mexican Migration to the U.S. and its Impact on the Communities of Origin

Date: Tuesday April 29, 2008
Time: 12:00- 2pm
Location: OLSON 206

Indigenous Mexican Migration to the U.S. and its Impact on the Communities of Origin: A Discussion on Women, Social Justice and Indigenous Communities Governance in Trans-border Migration

Centolia Maldonado Vásquez & Bernardo Ramírez Bautista

Handicrafts & Spices Exhibition
Video Presentation: Mujeres que se organizan avanzan (15 minutes duration)

Centolia Maldonado Vásquez is currently the District Coordinator and Director of Economic Development Projects of the FIOB in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca. Centolia is also member of the outreach committee of ECOMIX (Espacio de Economías Solidarias) a state-wide NGO that provides technical assistance to grassroots organizations in Oaxaca. Centolia’s organizational experiences, particularly with women, have been documented in Sueños Binacionales and Mujeres que se Organizan Avanzan.

Bernardo Ramírez Bautista, an indigenous lawyer, is the Regional Coordinator of the FIOB in the Mixteca region. He is also the Director of the Justice Advocacy Program (Procuración de Justicia) for indigenous communities in Oaxaca and coordinates the program- Leadership Development for Traditional Indigenous- for elected officials at the municipal and local levels.

This event is sponsored by: Department of Native American Studies-NAS, Hemispheric Institute on the Americas-HIA, Indigenous Research Center of the Americas-IRCA, Chicana-Latina Research Center-CLRC, Center for the Study of Human Rights-CSHR

For more information please contact Stefano Varese

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